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GCCF Champion Mawbritz Of Laikenslove -

This is Jersey. Now retired. she is a seal bi colourpoint. She was the first bi colourpoint to become champion at the supreme and we feel very honoured to have jersey here with us. Her dad is Champion Mawbritz Lamborghini. 

PKD - Neg.  

Blood group - b Does

Champion Laikenslove Project Blue

Cora is a beautiful blue bi coloupoint.  she has done very well in show as a kitten and as adult. Another nice sized girl very cobby and true to type.

PKD - Neg

Phantom a beautiful chocolate colourpoint and white boy. Now rehomed

Rehomed living with her wonderful owner Rebecca.

Chamipon Pampurred Laikenslove

Magic Is a Black self

Magic joined us in 2014  to help us with our venture into the selfs.   

PKD - neg

Magic has done us so proud, gaining 4 CC's and 4 BOB'S and a BOV in only two outings. 

Cinders now rehomed
Cinders was born out of flower and cadbury

Billy Now Rehomed

Flower has now been retired and went on Along with one of her kittens. 

Flower our gorgeous lilac tortie girl.(Pictured here at 8 months)

Flower helped us in our venture into the selfs.Flower gave us our beautiful Cinders before she retired. 

Flower was also out of imported lines she has a very impressive pedigree with 23 Champions/GRCH's in just  4 generations back!

Laikenslove Bandicoot aka Porsha

 Porsha is seal colourpointed and white. 

Porsha's dam is CH Mawbritz of Laikenslove (Jersey) who is also a seal colourpoint and white. Porsha's sire is Billy.

Porsha has now been spayed and will continue to live here with us.  

Now this darling is Alfiebritz Cadbury Dream.

Cadbury is a chocolate self.

Cadbury is once amazing cat who has now retired and went along with tassy. One very emotional rehome. They have both settled in to retirement great i wish them all the best for the future.      



This is Adzwosh Bitsy Boop aka Luna our totally stunning lilac tortie bi colourpoint.

The daughter of Mawbritz Betty Boop (next page.)

She is producing very nice babies, and has managed to produce me a champion girly (cora) pictured on our girls  page.

Sodachicats Tassam Pura aka Tassy.

Tassy is a seal point with the biggest blue eyes you will come across totally dazzling.

This beauty has a real sweet nature and will warm to anyone a lovely girl.

will miss this girl dearly but she will live on here with us with her daughter Maude


Laikenslove wild cat - tottie 

Tottie has been retired from breeding and has gone to spend her new life with a lovely family.

More Gorgeous Girls . . . 


We are retiring Breeze this year (2014) after 3 litters we feel she has contributed to the breed and now would like her to be spoiled in her senior years.We have her daughter who is on our (girls page - Alaska) who is now a TICA champion.So part of Breeze will live on in our lines.

Available now.


Asbo (now known as Abbey) has gone on to join another breeder to help with a colourpoint and white breeding program.I will miss Asbo dearly.

Sep 2014

Rehomed sweet peaches

Peaches had a real hard time birthing her 1st litter which resulted in a C-section. We had peaches spayed at the same time and she now lives happily with her two surving kittens.  Rehomed



This is Mawbritz Betty boop aka Betty fantastic lilac tortie colourpoint.

She is luna's mum.

Betty has gone to live with katie a lovely lady and will spend her senior years being spoiled.



This is Spirit our chocolate tabby colourpoint.

She a real cuddle hogger!

Spirit has now been spayed and will enjoy her retirement being spoiled.

TICA Champion Alaska Blue


This is Sodachicats Playboy aka Playboy.