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Bi Colourpoint

Bi colourpoint or colour & white as it is also known.

There is a handful of breeders who  worked really hard to get this pattern to full champion status,the pattern is currently now at champiBon status,this is not a easy pattern to achieve to breed standard.I have a few good friends working very hard to get this pattern right and who are getting fabulous results on the show bench im pleased to be part of this. 


Points Colour.

The face should have an inverted V of white,symmetry of design desirable,

Starting on the forehead,but not exceeding the inner apperture of the eye,

and extending down covering the nose and whisker pads.

Body Colour.

There should be a good contrast between coloured points and body colour,

Shading if present should tone with the coloured points,

Heavy shading in a mature cat should be penalised on an otherwise good exhibit,

Bib,chest and underbody to be white,

Legs should be white or tonal shading,small patches of colour on the legs are permissible,

All four feet must be white.

Eye Colour-A definate clear blue,deeper shades preferred.

Nose leather/paw pads-appropriate to coat colour or pink.

Below mismarked bi colourpoint.
Below perfectly marked bi colourpoint