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Girls girls girls... 

Laikenslove Status- C

Maude Is A 2016 baby she is a  chocolate colourpoint .. daughter of  Tassum Pura (Tassy). Maude is absolutely perfect to me she is everything i would look for in a colourpoint she has a fantastic clear coat, very cobby with outstanding boning. I feel very proud to have bred her 

Pictured her at just 7 months we have high hopes for this girl. What a beautiful cat.  

Cozzybiritz Dip Dab 

Bliss joined us in 2014 and we are very pleased to have her join us here. 

Blood group b

PKD - Neg

Laikenslove Simply Batternberg

We called her this name as she is a split face dominant tortie her facial  markings are those of a battenburg cake.. I let my daughter pet name her and she named her Dark Star.

Just a young girl yet but one very bald bombproof  one. Nothing fazes our little tort. 

Laikenslove Like Gold Dust.

This is Dakota a chocolate golden point and boy am i immensely proud of this girl. 

She is my 1st generation of golden colourpoint and i am very much looking forward to my little venture with her.

More pictures of Dakota can be found in photos of her.

Born 2018 pictured here at 6 months old. Eye colour looking very promising. 

Dahila Dance from Little Nina

This is Indie a lovely chocolate tortie colourpoint who joined us in 2018 

We imported Indie from Slovakia and while yes we could have found her lines within the Uk it was the actual mating i was particularly drawn to. A mating that would never be repeated and we just had to have her so here she is in all her tortitude. Very much looking forward to watching her development.  

Pictured here at 5 months.