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show news

 Jersey did  exceptional at her 1st show at Doncaster oct 2014, gaining 2 cc's and 2 x BOB's. 1 more and she will be a champion!

* Nov 2014 - Supreme cat show - Jersey was made up to Champion today at the Supreme making her the 1st cp/w to be made up to Champion at the Supreme,she also gained another BOB.

 Alaska reached champion at just 8 months old and made it in just one weekend quite impressive.

 *Oct 2014 - Cora did fantastic at her 1st show entered into her kitten class gaining a 1st in her open class and  BOB.Looking very promising.   

* Nov 2014 - Supreme cat show - Cora did us proud again gaining 1st in her kitten class.

* Feb 2015 - Cora did us proud once again,gaining 2 CC's and also 2 x BOB,just one more and she will be champion! Amazing girl.